Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle Insurance Options as Versatile as You

When you’re riding your motorcycle, one of the last things you want to worry about is if you have adequate insurance coverage. At Joel T. Cheatham Insurance Agency, we can set you up with a policy that will cover you and your motorcycle in the event of an accident. With the right policy, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you are protected should an accident occur. Our Agency has served clients in Henderson, NC, since 1914, and we are proud to be a trusted insurance provider in the community. When you are ready to start looking for your first motorcycle insurance policy or are considering switching companies, contact our team for a custom, complimentary quote.

Just like with any type of insurance, there are customizable facets to your motorcycle insurance policy. There are a few types of common coverage that may be included in your policy.

Motorcycle Liability

Motorcycle liability insurance covers you if you are held responsible for injury or damage caused during an accident for which you were at fault. Bodily injury liability provides financial protection for you if another party is injured and you are responsible for medical costs or loss of income as a result. Property damage liability covers repairs or replacement for damage to another person’s property or vehicle.

In addition to providing coverage for personal injury or property damage, motorcycle liability insurance can provide funds to cover your legal expenses if you are sued.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Your motorcycle insurance policy can cover property damage and bodily injury that you or your passengers sustain during an accident with another party that has little to no insurance. When another party is responsible for an accident and cannot provide the coverage you need, an uninsured motorist coverage stipulation in your policy can help financially cover you as you repair and recover.

Medical Payments Coverage

Medical payment coverage is an optional addition to your motorcycle insurance policy that can help cover medical expenses sustained in a motorcycle on your motorcycle regardless of who is at fault. This type of coverage can supplement income while you are out of work and help pay for continued medical expenses that may not be fully covered by another party’s insurance if they are found at fault. If you are injured in an accident for which you are at fault, motorcycle medical payments can make a huge difference to keep you financially stable as you recover. It also provides a death benefit if you die during the accident.

Collison and Comprehensive Coverage

Collison coverage is designed to cover damages to your bike in a collision with another vehicle or another object such as a median or wall. Collision coverage will increase the price of your policy when compared with a liability only policy. However, it can potentially save you thousands in repairs if your motorcycle is damaged in an accident. Comprehensive coverage covers damage or loss to your motorcycle other than damage from a collision. This may include vandalism, weather damage, fire damage or damage caused by hitting an animal.

Support and Coverage for Your Motorcycle

If you need insurance to cover your motorcycle, sport bike, cruiser or scooter, the team at Joel T. Cheatham Insurance Agency can help. We offer a broad range of options to suit your needs. Contact us in Henderson, NC, for a motorcycle insurance quote today.